How Covid-19 has changed your life?

A pessimistic person would ‘Surrender to its Fate.’ An optimistic person would see ‘A Lifetime Opportunity.’But We foresee ‘the Serendipitous Interactions’

which designate the co-working space founders from the crossing paths of branding mentor, interior designer, architecture, estate consultant to avid photographer to team up the networking alliance for beneficial way of space users.

The alliance named SOCU ‘Small Office & Co-working United’.

The concept is very simple but powerful. Individual users can enjoy the distinctive experiences from one co-working space to another within SOCU network.

They can choose any SOCU working spaces located in CBD areas accessible by MRT & BTS lines for the agility of individual who seeking the vibes of new working spaces.

From now on Co-working is beyond the space for startups or freelancers but it would embrace new users like WFM individual to create the sub-culture of users as designer / developer / marketer to finance advisor for the choice to be.


Our values also serve as a benchmark to all entrepreneurial communities who share such values, and we heartily invite to them to apply.
The purpose of the SOCU Coworking Alliance is:

• To support the qualitative goals of our communities, whose underlying principles and practices are compatible with the “coworking spirit.”

• To collaborate with like-minded communities to improve and strengthen our communities by fostering the core values and principles shared among our respective members.

• To more effectively communicate the meaning and value of strong communities, and the impact they have on new businesses.